Since 1997, Vertas Management has worked in the international investment industry throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS, and Southeast Asia. The company works hand-in-hand with clients through its administrative offices located in Lithuania and Cyprus.

Vertas Management, previously known as ZIA Valda, invests and manages business operations in a way that sets up each of our companies for success. Direct contact with management allows us to work alongside companies to optimize business processes and support growth.

An exceptional long-term history of prosperous capacity management paired with unparalleled knowledge of our operational sectors provides Vertas Management with the tools necessary to create and realize value through investments. Our close relationships with co-investors empower us to strive for market consolidation alongside each of our companies.

With accumulated revenues of managed companies of 503 M EUR, the company is flourishing in all kinds of commercial aviation services, aircraft acquisition, leasing and sales, commercial and residential real estate projects, pharmacy, including generic drugs manufacturing facility and distribution, disrupted flights compensation claiming and processing processes, luxury furniture and interior solutions manufacturing and installation business. Vertas Management has recently placed focus on investments and development of companies engaged in air passenger rights and claims compensation under EU 261 directive, pharmaceutical endeavors, and luxury furniture design and manufacturing solutions.

Facts and figures:

  • Accumulated revenue of managed companies: 503 M EUR per year (without mergers and acquisition held in 2019 IQ)
  • More than 5000 employees across all companies
  • Operation, ownership, and management of more than 150 000 m² of facilities
  • Ownership of 17 offices and companies in 8 countries
  • More than 10 successful start-ups across multiple industries in the last 5 years.
  • Counseled and supported Chinese and South East Asia Banks and financial institutions for transactions across the CIS valued at more than 2 B USD
  • Led experts in the establishment of a Joint Venture with Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company (HNCA): worth almost 1 B USD
  • Held IPO’s for 3 companies in the last 10 years, on OMX and WSE
  • 10+ times awarded recognition as Best Company, Most Successful Start-up, etc.
About Vertas Managment International Investment Company
Accumulated revenues of managed companies
Facilities under operation, ownership and management
Successful IPO’s in the last ten years

We have an excellent track record of selling or publicly listing the majority of companies in their early stages of development

Within a short 5 year span, Vertas Management held successful IPOs, which raised a combined 85 M USD, for three companies: Avia Solutions Group, the largest group of aviation service providers in Eastern Europe; AviaAM Leasing, one of the 50 best aviation leasing companies in the world; and Agrowill Group (Auga Group), one of the largest organic food companies in Europe.