Vladas Bagavicius

Member of the Board
Master of Law
Member of the Supervisory Board of Avia Solutions Group AB;


1992-1997 Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Master of Law


2008 – 2016 AB Agrowill Group (now – Auga Group), Member of the Board

Since 2008 Vertas Management, Member of the Board

Since 2004 Vladas Bagavičius’ law firm, Head lawyer

1992-2010 International Business School of Vilnius University, Lecturer

Training and career development:

2007    Participated in the Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) on commercial law seminars

2000-2003    Participated in a number of EU PHARE SEIL seminars on European Union Law in Helsinki, Finland

1999    Attended a training course on European Union law organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Participated in the working groups for finalizing payments in payment and securities settlement systems and drafting laws on distraint acts

Published a number of articles in the magazine Vadovo Pasaulis (Manager’s World). The articles focused on the following topics related to the legal regulation of contracts:

Lease agreements

Endowment contracts

Specific features of the transfer of shares in a private limited company, etc


Lithuanian, English, Russian


MIPIM conversation with Vladas Bagavicius (video)
Vladas Bagavicius, Chairman of the Board, Argo Will Group

Vilnius Stock Exchange is Shrinking
During the last 2 years as many as five companies were crossed off the Vilnius Stock Exchange list with another two to leave the exchange this year. In the meantime, the potential candidates for the Vilnius Exchange are turning their eyes to the counterpart in Warsaw.  In the opinion of industry experts, the local exchange is expected to be revived by the IPOs of municipal enterprises.

The Popularity of Lithuanian Land amongst Foreign Investors
A local newspaper “Respublika“ has receive information that in the beginning of March the company “Agrowill group“ sold 2 thousand of hectares large area of farmable land to a Swedish capital enterprise. It is noteworthy, that selling land to foreigners is a forbidden practice until May next year.

2011 – The Year of Growing Demand for Grain in Across the Globe?
A recent study on the global grain market carried out by one of the largest Polish media channels “Rzeczpospolita“ has revealed that the demand for grain across the world should continue increasing. In the article the latest trend is being discussed with Vladas Bagavicius, who is the Chairman of the Board at the largest agricultural company in Lithuania.

“Agrowill Group“ Appoints a New CEO
From now on “Agrowill Group“ will be led by its new CEO Algirdas Pereckas.

“Agrowill Group“ Family to Welcome the Largest Champignon Grower
“Baltic Champs Group“ (BCG) shall acquire a larger portion of the newly issued emission of shares in one of the largest primary agriculture production grower “Agrowill Group” AB.

Too Early to Count Record Harvest in the Corn-bin
Whilst grain producers are busy counting wagons for exporting harvest and farmers are excited about the record crop prices, one should keep in mind that the grain still haven’t made it to the corn-bin.  Some experts warn that a portion of the record 4 million tons large harvest could be still lost to draughts, not to mention the possibility of rains lodging substantial areas of farmed land. Regardless, it is now clear that more than a half of the actual harvest will leave Lithuania this year.

“Agrowill Group“: Lithuanians do not Deserve to be Second-grade
One of the largest agricultural enterprises in the Baltic States “Agrowill Group” has announced supporting the Lithuanian Association of Agricultural Companies with regard to the position that the key task for the agricultural sector in the country is to protect it from the EU plans in relation to agricultural finance reforms.

“Agrowill Group“ to Increase its Cow Herd
With the growing demand for dairy produce in Europe and the deficit of milk in the Northern states of the Old Continent, the company “Agrowill Group” has started intensifying its milk production and has already expanded its cow herd by 10% this year.

ES Discriminates Lithuanian Agriculture
Upon assessing the European Commission’s (EC) plans for the agricultural sector, the group of agricultural companies “Agrowill Group” has issued a statement saying that even after 2013 the EC will unfoundedly restrict the possibilities for Lithuania to equally compete in the European agricultural market.

Food Prices may Rise
Upon analysing the average harvest buy-up prices in Lithuania and across global markets, one of the largest investment and development companies in the agricultural sector in the Baltic States has come up with the forecast that this year the prices in the country will not decrease and might even go up.

Agrowill Group“ Successfully Sells its Shares in Poland
„Agrowill Group“ AB has distributed the newly issued emission of shares in Poland. Upon analysing the results and company position with regard to the share price, “Agrowill Group” has approved and distributed to institutional and retail investors a total of almost 13.3 million shares.

“Agrowill Group“ to Distribute its Shares in Poland
The company has announced that the price of its public offering is 1.14 Polish Zloty (PNL), which corresponds to the price of 1 Lithuanian Litas (LTL).  “Agrowill Group” has determined the price upon consulting an expert (and an intermediary during the offering) working in the Polish financial market and evaluating the existing/potential situation in the Lithuanian and Polish capital markets.

“Agrowill Group“: the Lack of Cows in Europe will Drive the Prices Milk up
Agricultural giant in the Baltic States “Agrowill Group” has issued a statement saying that the number of milking cows held in the EU countries determines higher milk prices in the entire region, therefore, in Lithuania also.

”Agrowill Group“ has Upped its Earnings
In 2011, an agricultural investor and developer “Agrowill Group” earned 15% per ton of milk more than in 2010. This rise in price has been

established based on comparing the prices recorded in February of 2010 and 2011.

“Agrowill Group“ Hopes to Find Investors in Poland
Agricultural investment and development experts of “Agrowill Group” are hoping to attract a large portion of capital from the neighbouring Poland, as the latter offers way more favourable conditions for finding new investment opportunities whilst the European market is short of publically traded subjects operating in the agricultural sector.

“Agrowill Group“ Plans on Increasing its Authorized Capital
Agrowill Group”, a company engaged in agricultural investment and development business, is ready to expand its activity and increase the company’s authorised capital by issuing an additional emission of 10 million shares.

“Agrowill Group“ Reaches LTL 6 Million in Profit
The company engaged in agricultural investment and development business “Agrowill Group” AB completed the 2010 in the black. Based on the data of summarized consolidated unaudited intermediate financial report, in the 12 months of the year the company earned LTL 6 million 300 thousand in net profit.

“Agrowill Group“: Abolished Duties won’t Reduce Grain Prices
An agricultural developer and investor “Agrowill Group”AB considers the EU decision to revoke customs tax on imported fodder wheat and barley as unnecessary.

Will the Agricultural Sector Remain Competitive this Year?
One of the largest Eastern European companies engaged in primary agricultural production “Agrowill Group” is confident that the agricultural sector will remain competitive throughout the year and the demand for production will only increase.

Planned Changes in the Protective Measures with Regard to Farmable Land Sales
Although the so called “safe-cap” law on the sales of farmable land in Lithuania has been in force for only a week, there are already talks about the upcoming changes to the associated procedures. Due to the fact that the current regulation practically freezes the agricultural market, it has become a real headache even to those farmers who were at first in favour of the cap aiming to protect them from the invasion of foreign competitors, says “Verslo Zinios”.