Aeroclass kicks off new era of learner-centric aviation training with first ever subscription model

By July 25, 2022 News

Aeroclass kicks off new era of learner-centric aviation training with first ever subscription model

  • The online aviation learning platform Aeroclass is launching the first ever subscription model in aviation training this August to become the “Masterclass of aviation education”.
  • Enterprises can now establish a true learning culture and tackle onboarding and retention challenges via monthly packages that include video courses, training consultancy, and reporting tools.
  • Aeroclass’ subscription model also represents an investment in the future of aviation professionals, with its exclusive subscription plan for Students offering high-quality, up-to-date courses from €5.50 per month.

This August, Aeroclass is launching the first ever subscription model for learning and training in the aviation sector. The new approach will enable aviation students, professionals and companies to access Aeroclass’ best-in-class online training resources via one simple monthly payment. Aiming to become the “Masterclass of aviation training”, the company’s new range of subscription plans will make accessing high quality training content simpler, more user-friendly, and more affordable than ever before.

Learning and training has changed. Subscription-based platforms like Masterclass and Skillshare are now the go-to option for people looking to upskill. As a result, users are accustomed to effortlessly and affordably accessing high quality training via a simple monthly subscription. Yet training provision in the aviation sector is lagging behind these trends. Much of the training materials currently available are expensive, outdated, and low-quality. Furthermore, at present they are only accessible via complicated, unintuitive platforms.

Yet the need for effective training has never been greater as aviation continues to undergo significant transformation. The nature of aircraft fuels is changing in response to the climate crisis. The industry is becoming data-oriented, with the global fleet expected to generate 127 exabytes of data in 2028. And MRO is being redefined by predictive maintenance, drones and robotics. As a result of these shifts, and many others, KPMG predicts that 40% of jobs in the sector will change by 2030. This need to reskill is coupled with significant staff shortages, especially as companies rapidly scale up after two years of COVID-19 lockdowns. According to Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook 2021-2040, the industry will need to recruit and train an additional 612,000 pilots, 626,000 technicians and 886,000 cabin crew members in the coming two decades. In summary, aviation companies will have to retrain a significant proportion of their staff and provide them with meaningful new career pathways, while simultaneously onboarding and upskilling millions of new employees. But currently, they lack user-friendly, affordable and high-quality training platforms to do this.

Aeroclass’ subscription model solves this problem by offering a flexible yet simple platform. It is designed to create value for enterprises as they scale and transform. It also empowers learners to take control of their professional development.  Individuals and companies choose a monthly plan which gives them access to the high-quality content Aeroclass curates. The free Aeroclass Plus plan provides access to expert interviews, online workshops and webinars. Or individuals can choose the Standard plan to start accessing Aeroclass’ exclusive video courses. Upgrading to the Professional plan gives unlimited access to these courses, plus live office hours with experts.

Aeroclass’ new model also includes a first-of-its-kind Student Plan, which reflects the company’s commitment to investing in the future of the industry. Priced from just €5.50 per month, it gives aviation students an affordable and flexible way to learn the skills they will need for a successful career. Along with access to Aeroclass’ video courses, they also receive career guidance and mentorship.

Aeroclass’ Enterprise plan adds tailored consultancy to the mix. Companies receive support in creating clearly defined learning pathways for their team members. These could be new hires, or existing employees looking to add new competencies or branch out to other parts of the aviation sector. The Enterprise plan also includes access to a wide range of advanced features such as  live office hours and in-depth statistics and reports. Aeroclass’ courses have been shown to increase new employee attraction by 83% and employee retention by 86%. And the new subscription model provides the simplest and most effective way yet for companies to curate the learning setup they need and embed a true learning culture in their company.

Lukas Raščiauskas, CEO at Aeroclass, said: “Subscription is a fundamental piece of the puzzle when it comes to fulfilling our mission of enabling and encouraging a learning culture in aviation companies.  We want to empower companies to hit their KPIs and effectively upskill their employees while democratizing access to training for individuals. We believe this new subscription model will facilitate this. It makes training more affordable – for example, students can pay just €5.50 per month. It also offers much greater flexibility. In this way, we are meeting the needs of both individuals and companies.”

For Anca Gosling, Director of Content and Development at Aeroclass, the launch of the subscription model represents an important step in the company’s development. “At AeroClass, we create content with the learner in mind. Our vision is to provide not just training, but a learning experience that helps each individual to grow and fulfil their career aspirations. Hence, we curate content carefully and offer learning paths based on specific job functions. For individuals and businesses alike, our new subscription model is an opportunity to have more autonomy and flexibility in terms of career and personal development, and productivity.”

Aeroclass is the first e-learning platform focused specifically on aviation. On its virtual platform, the latest advancements in edtech and learning are combined with the insights and knowledge of world-class instructors from the aviation industry. Digital training courses are made up of instructor-led online classes and self-paced study, and are available via a range of subscription plans.