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February 9, 2017January 23rd, 2019 becomes the world’s largest aviation jobs portal becomes the world’s largest aviation jobs portal, a global provider of aviation specialists’ resourcing solutions, has become the world’s largest job platform for pilots, engineers and other aviation professionals. The platform’s monthly audience exceeded 350 000 visitors.

In the last two years, recorded a 40% growth of CVs, uploaded by pilots, aircraft technicians and engineers, cabin crew members and other aviation personnel. The platform also witnessed a record number of visits which reached a total of 3 000 000 during 2016. In January 2017, global monthly audience surpassed 350 000 visitors. 

Today, hosts over 150 000 CVs of potential employees. The platform also hosts a great number of leading aviation employers, including China Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa Technik and others. 

„Online job platforms are becoming one of the main sources of job opportunities for specialists and new employees – for companies. And this is relevant for both – Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO at .jpgthose who are outside, and those who are inside the aviation industry,” shares Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO of “These days, it is a rare occasion to see a pilot printing his or her CV and doorstepping potential employers in person. Instead, many crew members research vacancies online, “google” companies and analyze their social networks. They seek information not only about salaries, but also values, philosophy and culture of the company. Meantime, many air carriers somehow undervalue pilot’s online presence and don’t pay enough attention to their employer’s image in the web.”

Seeing the issue,’s further development is aimed at transforming its platform to an employee-employer online communication hub where companies will be able to present their entire HR values, while potential staff members – share their expectations of employers. is a member of the Avia Solutions Group family – an international, publicly traded aviation holding company with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide.