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May 2, 2023

From Jet to Stage: Music Artists Book Private Charters for The Upcoming Summer Season Increased

From Jet to Stage: Music Artists Book Private Charters for The Upcoming Summer Season IncreasedThe global music scene is buzzing. With the preparations for summer music festivals and global tours in full swing, private charter operators are reporting a significant increase in bookings. KlasJet, a well-known exclusive private and corporate jet charter company, and an ACMI service provider, reports that the demand for VIP charter services has increased by over 25% when compared to the same time last year, signalling that Covid-19 is a distant memory and music world is ready for a lively season.

“In addition to the increase in demand, there has been a notable shift in booking patterns this year,” shares Lukas Petrauskas, the CCO of KlasJet. “Bookings for the summer season began as early as January, much earlier than in previous years. Moreover, the tours themselves have become more extensive, with clients performing at an average of 11 stops, compared to 8 stops last year. Yet some performers are expressing difficulties finding operators capable of completing an entire tour from A to Z and as a result, some performers are forced to hire 2-3 operators for a single tour.”

According to Petrauskas, there are many reasons why artists use charter services during the touring season. “One of the main advantages is flexibility. Private operators can offer direct flights to even the most remote airports and can customise flight itineraries to fit client needs, which is incredibly important when on a tight schedule. Last summer saw significant turbulence in the aviation industry, with over 50% of European flights experiencing delays, according to Eurocontrol data. Flying private reduces the possibility of performers getting stuck at airports and therefore being late to their shows.” Furthermore, private jets provide ample space for all the equipment required for the tour, ensuring that no essential gear is left behind.

In addition to providing flexibility and convenience in travel, private flying also offers comfort. “Touring can be a gruelling experience, so having a comfortable place to relax after a long day is crucial for performers. Private jets offer comfortable seating, more space, and various options for rest and entertainment, as well as customized catering that can accommodate dietary restrictions. Moreover, flying privately ensures increased privacy and anonymity, which is particularly valuable for high-profile individuals who prefer to avoid unwanted attention,” he shares.

Although most requests by celebrities on private jets are relatively straightforward, some clients seek more unusual services. “We have had parties, luxury meals prepared by top chefs, spa days, and beauty treatments, and even branded aircraft interiors designed to enhance the overall mood and motivation of passengers.”

As preparations for the summer music season kick into high gear, Petrauskas is already able to share the most in-demand destinations for performers this year. “Music lovers in the Mediterranean region have plenty to celebrate, as Spain, Italy, Greece, and France are the most popular destinations for summer performances. The United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark, also rank highly on the list. So, if you’re searching for the most vibrant summer music scene, you now know where many of the most popular artists are heading.”