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February 9, 2023

KlasJet begins ACMI operations – adds 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraft

KlasJet begins ACMI operations – adds 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraftKlasJet, a well-known exclusive private and corporate jet charter company, and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, have begun their passenger ACMI operations. The company is adding 8 186-189 economy configuration Boeing 737-800 aircraft to its fleet before the peak summer season and are open for queries.

“We see a very strong need for ACMI in the market right now and it’s only expected to grow – the market is predicted to reach US$ 8.9 billion in 2030,” explains Lukas Petrauskas, Deputy CEO of KlasJet. “Aircraft manufacturers are dealing with backlogs and the situation is made more complicated by a number of overbooked MRO slots. Paired with the first summer largely out of the pandemic, and skyrocketing demand for travel, it’s key for tour operators, brokers, and airlines to take action now and not wait until right before the high summer season.”

Some of the standout advantages of KlasJet’s ACMI services is the ability to provide for both bulk and single requests, offering more tailored solutions for a variety of capacity needs. This also includes individual attention in matching aircraft with tailored schedule parameters, criteria, and details. Another key moment is the expansive geographical coverage – KlasJet’s ACMI services can cater a variety of regions worldwide. Alongside that, the charter company’s ACMI team is on hand for AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) situations.

Until the end of 2023, KlasJet plans to operate 15 of Boeing 737-800 type aircraft, and in a five-year perspective operate no less than 35 aircraft dedicated to passenger ACMI.