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April 10, 2018January 23rd, 2019

Pharnasanta Group moves towards new markets

Linas Valentukevicius, Chairman of the Board at Pharnasanta Group.The international pharmaceutical company, Pharnasanta Group is setting itself up to take Pharmaceuticals to market in both Europe and The United States. With operations in research, production, sales, and logistics, Pharnasanta is set up to to be come an industry leader. Soon, Pharnasanta Group will acquire GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which will open up many more opportunities in Europe, provide clients with the assurance that Pharnasanta holds quality to a high standard, and most importantly take the company one step closer to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

“Our large production capacity, experience in the European market, and a strong sales team provide us with the confidence needed to enter the US market. Although the price and wait to enter the American market will be great, the chance to take part in such a large market will be worthwhile. With FDA approval, Pharnasanta Group will be able to tap into a 450 billion per year market. Opportunities like those make Pharnasanta Group’s long, difficult road to FDA approval seem much more reasonable.”, – states Linas Valentukevicius, Chairman of the Board at Pharnasanta Group.

According to Linas Valentukevicius, FDA certification is not just a process. FDA certification also means that the pharmaceutical industry and its processes, documents, staff professionalism, and quality control will have to be done at the highest level. These requirements will also benefit the markets of the countries Pharnasanta is currently supplying with products.