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June 18, 2024

Private jets are a fan favourite for Euro 2024 travel

The UEFA European Championships 2024, Europe's four-yearly fiesta of football, has kicked off in Germany this weekend. And if you are making last-minute plans to watch your team in action, there is one exceptional travel option you should definitely consider: a chartered private jet.

"Sports fans are increasingly turning to private jets as an option for big tournaments like the Euros," comments Lukas Petrauskas, CCO of chartered private jet provider KlasJet. "For a lot of fans, these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and traveling by private jet makes it an even more unforgettable trip." Just imagine you and your friends living it up like your favourite players on your way to the biggest tournament on the planet – those will be memories that will last a lifetime.

A practical way to reach your Euro 2024 destination

Whether you have managed to get your hands on one of the 1.2 million tickets available, or you are simply traveling to one of the host cities like Hamburg, Munich and Berlin to soak up the atmosphere, you certainly won't be alone. An estimated 650,000 fans from across Europe are traveling to Germany for the tournament.

This means demand for flight tickets is sky high (and so are the prices) – in fact, at this late stage most commercial flights are already sold out. In some countries, like Georgia, governments have been forced to intervene to increase the number of flights available so fans can travel to the event.

With so many people traveling, there is likely to be strain on the system during the Euros, warns Mr. Petrauskas. "Flight delays are becoming more common in Europe in general – last year, flights in Europe were delayed by 15 minutes on average. And some airports have chronic problems, like London Gatwick, where 43% of all flights were delayed last year." That is not to mention the crowds – Manchester Airport is expecting 100,000 fans to pass through during the Euros.

"When you're traveling to an amazing event like Euro 2024, the last thing you want is for your experience to be ruined by a delayed flight," continues KlasJet's CCO. "Chartered private jets are a perfect solution – less wait time, more flexibility, and no crowded airports or delays."

Travel like a star to watch the stars in action

Along with the convenience, fans are embracing private jets for the incredible experience they offer. For example, a Scottish pub landlord's plan to charter planes to the Euros has proved so popular he has sold 180 tickets, while other members of the Tartan Army have chartered their very own "Ayrforce one" to travel in style to the Euros.

In other words, this is not just an option for multi-millionaires and film stars. Flying in a private jet with your friends like Mbappe, Modrič or McTominay is something you can tick off your bucket list before you cheer your team on to victory. "At Klasjet, we fly some of the most popular football clubs in Europe to their matches," concludes Lukas. "So when you charter a jet to the Euros with us, you actually know you are getting the same experience as your favourite players."