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April 22, 2024

SmartLynx Airlines invests over 6 million euros in cabin interior upgrades

SmartLynx Airlines, a leading European ACMI provider and a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, has recently made a substantial investment exceeding 6 million EUR in upgrading cabin interiors and improving maintenance processes to elevate customer experience. These improvements are an integral part of the airline's cabin upgrade program, which started in 2023, encompassing the purchase and installation of Recaro seats, high-quality carpets, and seat covers. Additionally, SmartLynx has expanded its technical team by hiring additional specialists dedicated for cabin maintenance tasks.

"Cabin experience plays a crucial role in ensuring client satisfaction. Investing in cabin improvements reflects our commitment to enhancing our clients' comfort. As pioneers in the ACMI industry, our objective is to continuously elevate our product standards, setting new benchmarks within the industry," explains Edvinas Demenius, CEO of SmartLynx Airlines.

One of the most significant investments has been the purchase of Recaro seats for the A320/A321 family aircraft fleet. The installation of the seats has been started in the beginning of 2024 and will be finished by the end of the year.  Recaro seats are renowned for their quality, comfort, and durability. Engineered with innovative designs and premium materials, Recaro seats provide ergonomic features, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers.

In addition to installing new Recaro seats, SmartLynx has allocated more than 1 million EUR to the regular replacement of seats for other aircraft and seat cover replacements, which aim to enhance the overall condition of the aircraft cabin and reduce damages. To ensure the most pleasant client experience, SmartLynx has also increased the frequency of carpet replacements.

To improve the cabin maintenance process, SmartLynx has expanded its technical team with two dedicated Cabin Maintenance Engineers at the MCC centre who support and help to resolve open cabin defects effectively, as well as a dedicated Cabin Materials Specialist for cabin reconfiguration spares and defect rectification material supply.

In 2024 SmartLynx Airlines are planning to invest in future cabin maintenance and digital process improvements aimed at both – benefit clients, their customers and the crew. It has refined its Product Strategy with the goal of elevating ACMI standards and delivering more enhanced fundamental products to the clients and end users.