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April 27, 2022

Why customer feedback and technological innovation are at the heart of

Why customer feedback and technological innovation are at the heart of”Standing still in the face of an industry constantly evolving, aviation stakeholders are quickly realising that to stay relevant they need to adapt and align their practices more closely to their customer needs. As the leading aviation marketplace,, a family member of Avia Solutions Group, has risen to that challenge.

The aviation industry is experiencing a number of important changes. The automation and digitization of processes and services are one of them. The demand for it is also seen in the B2C sector when it comes to the growing needs of consumers. Toma Matutyte, CEO of, notices that the spare aircraft parts segment of the aviation industry is no different, and customer feedback only highlights the need for automation and efficiency.

“The current market reflects this demand really well – there are new technologies entering the industry, which, in turn, bring new needs for consumers. The ongoing innovation, the growing demand for efficiency and convenience have led us to bring changes to our marketplace platform this way answering the most pressing needs.”

The upgrades to’s spare aircraft parts platform are, too, bringing greater value and transparency to the overall user experience. It fully includes the user as a trusted player in the Marketplace. More user-friendly design and interface, enhanced customer support, and more efficient sending and receiving of requests are just some of the improvements made. Matutyte explains that these enhancements allow customers to use the platform in a more efficient manner, bringing the focal point back to simplicity.

Together with the Marketplace upgrades, also focuses on the rapid growth of the platform by expanding its Sales and Customer Support teams, which increases the user base. The optimization of Customer Support, for example, helps with more unique requests or situations. Some of them still need a professional to solve the occurring issues.

With a huge variety of aircraft parts in the marketplace’s database for both commercial and military aviation, the company is considered one of the leaders and game-changers in the aviation aftermarket business. Alongside that, also provides shipping services and offers an AI-based tool for procurement and logistics managers.

With the new upgrades and additions, the company is continuously evolving, creating new and enhancing existing technologies. This is driven by the constant search for newer and better ways of providing value to the customer.

“We’ve always been active in pursuing authentic user feedback and customers’ comments about the platform, as well as taking in recommendations,” notes Matutyte. “All of this allows us to provide world-class service that I’m sure will revolutionise the aviation spare parts marketplace.”