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November 25, 2022

KlasJet adds Boeing 737 BBJ2 to its exclusive fleet

KlasJet adds Boeing 737 BBJ2 to its exclusive fleetIn 2021, the global business jet market was USD 25.87bn and is expected to reach USD 38.34bn by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 4.06 %. Business jets flew 3.3 million flights worldwide in 2021, the most on record for a single year and 7 % more than the previous high point in 2019. Private jet statistics show a global fleet of 21,929 registered aircraft.

To expand KlasJet’s products portfolio, an EU-based corporate charter and ACMI services provider is adding Boeing BBJ2, MSN 32971 jet to its fleet. The aircraft is set to begin operations in mid-April 2023 and will be based in Dubai. The general sales agent for this aircraft will be Chapman Freeborn UAE Dubai office.

The Boeing 737 BBJ2 is a splendid addition to KlasJet’s exclusive private aircraft fleet as it is set to cater to the specific needs of high-ranking clients travelling in smaller groups. “While our other 56-68 seats VIP Boeing 737 uniquely designed jets are great for larger groups, such as sports teams, business and political delegations, the B737 BBJ2 will serve as an amazing choice for affluent families, government representatives, presidents, royal families, important business delegations. Currently, the aircraft is at Avia Solutions Group completion centre JetMS Completion, where the interior of the jet will be fully renewed,” explains Rita Domkute, CEO of KlasJet.

Corporate business jet charter services are in great demand all over the world, as big groups can travel enjoying all the perks of business aviation: flexible flight time, luxury service on board, special seats and price per seat similar to business class seats at regular airline companies. “We plan that the newly added B737 BBJ2 will allow us to strengthen our positions in the rapidly growing Middle East market as the jet is a perfect option for high-ranking individuals who are living in or visiting the region on regular basis,” she shares.

The 23-seat aircraft is a truly exquisite project, with a spacious lounge area, an on-board bedroom and a shower. “The jet is designed to meet even the most sophisticated needs of our clients. It is planned with convenience and comfort of passengers in mind, the design is created using high-quality materials,” KlasJet’s CEO shares.

Earlier this year, the airline added passenger ACMI services list, adding to its parent company Avia Solutions Group’s ever-growing line-up of capacity providers.